Freaking. Awesome.Yoga.
It’s a yoga party and you’re invited
Get ready for fresh music, colourful streamers, and happy bubbles
with thousands of new friends posing together at an amazing outdoor yoga party.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or brand new,
Soul Pose is a new kind of bender built for everyone!


What is SOUL POSE?
Soul Pose - Event Layout
Soul Pose brings the party to your mat. Fresh music, colorful streamers, happy bubbles, and thousands of your new yogi friends posing together – this is Freaking. Awesome. Yoga. This is Soul Pose.
If you’ve never set foot on a yoga mat, Soul Pose is the perfect place to give yoga a try. The great thing about Soul Pose is that anyone can do it! There are only a few rules at Soul Pose:

1. Bring your party: Get ready to bust a move and love your body with thousands of new Soul Pose friends.

2. Wear white on top: You’ll look fabulous. Promise.

3. Have fun: Give high fives, take selfies, and sing along when your favorite tune comes on.

You can do Soul Pose solo, or you can get your posse together and sign up as a group.

Come join us, you know you want to. If you have more questions on the event, check out the FAQs


Soul Pose - YoGIFTS
Wouldn’t be a party without YoGifts! Before your session, you’ll get a custom Soul Pose yoga mat, Soul Pose yoga hand towel, and confetti pack. After Soul Posing, we’ll have an official Soul Pose bracelet waiting for you. Why? Because you just did something amazing! Come pose and party with us and walk away with some sweet YoGifts! Retail value over $50

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soul Pose?
Soul Pose is an amazing outdoor yoga party with fresh music, happy bubbles, and thousands of your new yogi friends posing together. Designed for all skill levels, this is Freaking. Awesome. Yoga.
I have never done yoga before. Can I do this?
You bet! Soul Pose is the perfect place to get your yoga groove on for the first time. More than 70% of Soul Posers are new to yoga. Check out our series of Soul Poses to get ready for the yoga party.
What if I’m not flexible?
You don’t have to be bendy to practice yoga. We will also give different options for different poses. Or if a pose doesn’t feel good, just take a break on your mat.
What if I fall over?
Good for you! That’s part of being a yogi. High five the person next to you and try again. Plus you have a soft yoga mat to catch you when you fall.

What should I wear?
Wear a white top. Wear something comfortable. We recommend a more form fitting top that won’t slide up during your down dog. You can also buy some sweet gear from the Soul Pose Store at the Block Party.
What if I can’t pronounce the
word “savasana”?
No worries. There are no pop quizzes at Soul Pose. Just show up and have a great time.
What style/type of yoga is Soul Pose?
Fun yoga. Party yoga. Freaking. Awesome. Yoga.
What if I can’t do a pose?
You can do any other pose you like instead. Or you can take a break and lie on your mat – like nap time in Kindergarten – we’re totally cool with that.

How long is the Soul Pose session?
Your Soul Pose yoga session will last approximately 60 minutes, but make sure you leave plenty of time to hang out at the Block Party before and after the session.
What is the Block Party?
It’s like an after party all day long. Get your groove on, grab something to eat, put on some tribal paint, take a photo with your posse, and shop at the Soul Pose Store. The Block Party is open to everyone – no ticket needed!
When should I get there?
The doors open approx 30 minutes before your session starts so you have time to get your spot and get settled. Doors close 5 minutes before the session starts.
Can I volunteer at Soul Pose?
Of course! We LOVE our volunteers please click here to register for our Gold Coast Event.


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